Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Yes, The Entire World Can Be Crazy

According to Ban Ki Moon the  investigation of Israel’s war crimes, based entirely on information provided by Hamas, confirms  Israel’s responsibility for massive, disproportionate destruction as the 2100 people killed were "mostly civilians" [according to Hamas] while Israel lost  70 people, of which 64 were soldiers

Substantial evidence counters the accusation that Israel killed civilians unnecessarily. In fact most were killed by Hamas,   Of the innocent civilians [not the 900 combatants] Israel allegedly  killed,  750 died of natural causes, 150 were PLO members, killed by Hamas, 400 were opposition party members, 50 were protestors, and 38 were collaborators. This does not count Gazans killed by missiles and IEDs that exploded in Gaza, or those who violated curfew, forced to stay in homes. All of this ignored, Israel's overzealous efforts to protect Palestinians to the point of giving up the advantage of surprise, , Hamas's intended genocide. Ignored. Overlap of 93% between UNRWA and and Hamas in Gaza, ignored,  the fact that Hamas has already rebuilt tunnels under Israel, boasts of it and is using humanitarian aid deliveries to do that. Ignored, Evidence that much of the property  destruction in the war was done by Hamas even after published by the New York Times, hardly pro-mIsrael paper. Ignored

Blaming Israel for provocations at the Temple Mount, after it has been repeatedly littered with garbage, stones, remains of Molotov cocktails, barbed wire, when fires have been set there simply because Jews wanted to come to our MOST holiest place [not third] is unconscionable. Yesterday a swastika was painted on the holiest of all places for Jews. Do Muslims do that at Mecca?

The true barriers to this magical peace the world insists on are unrelated to any of these things,   Imagine for a moment Israel showed “courage initiative” , took risks for peace, and  did  everything asked- stopped building, withdrew from the west bank and Gaza, gave Palestine  an airport a naval  port, and a  link between  Gaza and the west bank, would there be peace? Of course not. Ask Hamas. Ask Abbas. Hamas will never stop fighting. Their charter says this and they say this continually. The PA will not either. Abbas is billed as a moderate but differs from Hamas only in strategy: Get what you can politically and take the rest militarily. He doesn't say this to the world. but in Arabic he  constantly reassures Muslims when he negotiates,  telling them this is only a first step.

This is not some squabble between grade school children, although the 'adults' in the west prefer to portray it that way. There is no solution because the Muslims will not stop until they have all of Palestine and Israelis are not going to commit suicide.  It is not a matter of a Palestinian country. That has been offered and rejected again and again, Sisi offered a space along the ocean that is much larger; they said no.

Individual Palestinians are sick of this, they don't love Israel but they know they had a better life before this peace nightmare began. People in Gaza know they had a better life before Israel withdrew with every intention of giving everything they are asking for now until they voted for a terrorist government - Hamas .

The west seems committed to the belief that Hamas and ISIS have nothing in common. This is as absurd as saying Al Qaida and Hezbollah are as peaceful as the Koran is. The difference between ISIS and Hamas is only this:  Hamas's goal is a caliphate in what is now Israel and Palestine and ISIS wants the same thing in Iraq, Syria, part of turkey and part of Lebanon.

There is one solution that would work, a solution that UNHRC often does - population exchange. There is no lack of Christians, Yazidis, Kurds who need a home in order to escape slaughter,. Send them to Israel and send Muslims who want to live in Sharia-land to any one of the many countries that already are ruled by these revolting laws, instead of creating another Sharia country and leaving innocent people to be slaughtered. Israel isn't the problem. It could be the solution.

Netanyahu and his predecessors have done everything possible to balance what the world wants with what Israelis want, to the point of angering Israelis by compromising.  After a report like this, after the US has joined the chorus of Israel bashers, after the whole world voted to recognize Palestine and its terrorist government, believing that because of ISIS, it very important to add another fascist theocracy, another fertile breeding ground for terrorist extremism to the mid-east, Actually, this is the worst time to close the door on a democracy and  invent a  new theocracy whose laws include stoning, amputation and genital mutilation, a state that has weak leadership, an angry population that sees no future and powerful bombs,

Can the entire world be nuts?

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