Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Price of Israel's Resounding Silence

Delegates from 50 nations  and 20 regional and international organization pledged  5.4 billion to rebuild Gaza. At the UN Netanyahu seemed very sure of himself when he told the world that rebuilding Gaza and Israel’s security must be linked. Yet  when Nations met to pledge funds, Israel did nothing to link international assistance for rehabilitation of Gaza to disarmament and it is this forum that counts

This major mistake is not a surprise. Israel is consistently passive  in international discussions, and usually says nothing until forced to. This strategy has consistently created vacuums of opportunity that Palestinians have milked for all they are worth.

In this case, nobody from Israel told the attendees  how many people were actually killed by whom, how much destruction there actually is even though these figures are known to Israel.  More important,  nobody told the attendees that demilitarization must be tied to funding not  as a vague principal but via specific rules, that if this was not done, all the donations in the world would be a waste and Israel could not  cooperate. Instead Qatar just about announced its intention to fund Hamas’s future military campaigns. The west's lingering discomfort about money being funneled from Abbas to Hamas was shoved under the rug after a few pronouncements.

Netanyahu ,in keeping with his one speech solution to crises, was silent as usual.  Lieberman, an odd foreign minister who proclaims all of his policy statements only in Israeli media behaved as usual and Livni still stuck in the mentality of... "If only we were nicer" they would have invited us, took the opportunity to blame Netanyahu as usual

This ‘ but we weren’t invited’  is nonsense.   Israel had and still has an opportunity in or out of the conference to male sure those assembled  know that no  plans  they make can occur without Israel cooperation and and cooperation isn't free. Demilitarization is a necessity, and there most likely are others preconditions.

If the past predicts the future,  Netanyahu will continue to say nothing until someone starts nudging about 'peace' talks again. By then Hamas will be re-armed, and commitment to the 1967 border solution will be accepted as truth by all.  Abbas will come in with his set of demands and Israel will be reasonable.

The speeches after the war about how weak Hamas was now, how its infrastructure and leadership had been hit , sound hollow now. Before the war, Hamas was a desperate group in danger of falling apart , not able to pay workers. Now its in a  terrorist’s candy store. Can’t you just see Haniyah’s mouth watering at the thought of all of those lovely weapons. Abbas has gone from a doddering fool to a statesman and Israel is in deep trouble as are the Jews world-wide.

The stakes get higher, the options fewer and the danger to Israel's survival greater.

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