Monday, February 16, 2015

Lessons from Israeli History

Trading Land for Peace - Sinai

  Israel captured Sinai in the six day War [1967] that began after an Egypt, Syria, and Jordan joined to fight Israel, and blocked Israel's use of the use of Gulf of Aqaba. Menachem Begin, agreed to return Sinai to Egypt and withdrew in stages over a three year period in an agreement brokered by President Carter.

  Why did Begin return Sinai? After considering the pros and cons he concluded that
returning Sinai to Egypt was on balance a bad idea for Israel, but returned Sinai despite this, thinking this would lead to a closer relationship with President Carter.

  Carter's actions statements since indicate that this was not possible.

  Does buying 'friendship' work, in international politics? When does it work, When not? Consider

         -  What is the difference between negotiations that resolve a conflict and
            'buying friendship.'?

         -  How do future expectations change after a country makes concessions