Friday, November 14, 2014

The Temple Mount -- Not Negotiable

Netanyahu -- Protect the Temple Mount or Give Someone Else a Chance

When one side in a disagreement capitulates to violence, the violence will be used again, more widely and with greater intensity the next time there is a disagreement. Israel continually capitulates (after confusing everybody by repeatedly saying it will do the opposite). Every day this week Israelis in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas were killed. The only response that will end this is consistent harsh sentences for any person who murders people and terrorizes a country. It is easier in the short run to give in. A short period of deceptive calm may follow. Violence will increase as it has over the years in Jerusalem.

Israel's unwillingness or inability to stand its ground, to communicate clear and consistent objectives, and to do what it says it will is both perplexing and infuriating to many like myself who love the country. How dare Netanyahu call himself a representative of the Jewish people and prohibit Jews from visiting, let alone praying there. The Waqf has behaved dishonorably and has broken the agreement from 1967 that all religions would be able to pray there.

When world news media has amnesia about what the Temple Mount is to Jews, when police responses to Mototov cocktails and barbed wire in our holiest of places are called incitement by Hamas, Abbas and Jordan, I am not surprised. When my own Prime Minister accepts this narrative, when he responds to daily murders of Jews by violent Palestinian mobs, to the near death of Glick, to the murder of a three month old child and others every single day by behaving as if this is our fault I become ashamed and disgusted.

Israel demanded that Abbas recognize Israel as a Jewish state. A Jewish state means very little if the Prime Minister of that state does not have the mettle to protect its holiest place on earth. Shame on you Benjamin Netanyahu. Either protect the Temple Mount or retire and give someone else a chance.