Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Israel Guilty of Crimes against Humanity

Can the Whole World be Crazy? Of Course.

The UN Investigation into crimes against humanity found Israel  guilty of massive disproportionate destruction.  According to the UN, the 2,100 Palestinians killed, mostly innocent civilians and children, prove disproportionate, massive destruction that Israel must account for. This narrative parrots the story sold to the media by Hamas -- a terrorist organization.

The Human Rights Commission is an insult to human rights and to investigations.  Information countering these claims is widely available.  The 1,200 innocent civilians Israel supposedly killed (after 900 Hamas military deaths) included 150 opposition party members, 50 protestors and 38 collaborators. This does not count deaths from over 1,000 Hamas IEDs and 850 of their missiles that exploded in Gaza, and violators of Hamas rules such as curfews.

Israel achieved what no other army ever does -- it killed almost no civilians in what was  one hell of a pinpoint operation, putting  Palestinian lives above the military advantages of surprise attacks. What did the world do? It ignored this. Hamas deliberately aimed at Israel’s civilians -- ignored. If it were not for Iron Dome Israel might not exist-- ignored. The 93% overlap between Hamas and UNRWA -- ignored. Hamas now boasts that the  tunnels under Israel are rebuilt -- ignored.

The Temple Mount, the holiest Jewish site on earth is covered with garbage, the remains of molotov cocktails, barbed wire, rocks, and fires. A few days ago a swastika was painted on the Temple Mount. When  Israeli police stop this, according to the UN, this is incitement.  Do Muslims do this at Mecca?

This description of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is similar to others. The singular focus on this part of the world creates an impatient need for solution. Negotiations, Nobel prizes, land for peace, concessions, protective measures, pressure on Israel have all failed  and will never succeed.  This is why. This is not some squabble between grade school children, although the "adults" in the West prefer to portray it that way. There is no solution because the Muslims will not stop until they have all of Israel and Palestine, and the Israelis are not going to commit suicide. 

Imagine Israel did everything asked, stopped building, withdrew from the west bank, ended the “occupation,” gave Palestine a harbor and airport, and created a corridor between Gaza and the west bank.  Would there be peace? Of course not. Ask Hamas and the PA.  Check their charters. Listen to what they say, especially in Arabic. They will never stop fighting until they conquer all of Israel and Palestine -- Hamas through war and the PA by getting what they can politically first.  Abbas postures as a moderate to the world, but every time he negotiates,  he reassures Palestinians:  “Don’t worry, this is only the first step. We will have it all".

Obama and Kerry are selling the idea that because of ISIS, it is especially important to achieve “peace” at this time, through a two state solution.  Actually, this is the worst time to create a new Islamic-fascistic country with violent young people who see no future, a breeding ground for terrorist extremists where ISIS already has a foothold, with  weak leadership and a disgusted population. Why do this when there are so many other countries that want a Sharia lifestyle ruled with stoning, amputation and genital mutilation.

There is one solution that would work. UNHRC does it and the world badly needs it today --  population exchange.  Christians, Yazidis, and Kurds desperately need a home to escape slaughter. Relocate these people to Israel.  Relocate Muslims to any number of Muslim countries.

Stop the slaughter and end the war. Does the world truly want that or is there something they derive from an insoluble status quo of perpetual war?

Can the entire world be nuts?

Of course.

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