Saturday, October 18, 2014

From Israel 10/18/2014

Israel provokes violence 10/18/2014

A funeral in Nablus was held for a 6 year old girl whose death provoked angry demonstrations across the west bank. Israeli police were ordered to not t respond to prevent an already volatile situation from deteriorating further.  The settlers who had killed the  young  girl were  arrested and detained in Jerusalem this morning  after the child’s picture hit international news.

Mahmoud Abbas attended the funeral as did President Rivlin, Tzipi Livni and members of Meretz along with the international press. In his speech before the  funeral, Abbas decried the cruelty of Israeli settlers. “They rip away the homeland of the Palestinian  just as they did when they killed this innocent child.  As his  voice faded, the  child’s mother wailed as she walked towards the tiny shrouded figure,that had been lifted above the crowd. The mothers shrieks continued and she had to be pulled away from the corpse. She fell to the ground in grief. The sound of Cameras clicking was suddenly interrupted.

“Mama, Mama,”  It was the unmistakable voice of a little girl, THE little girl whose pictures were plastered on every building in the city and every newspaper,  very much alive running to her mother who looked at her in horror . The child held her arms out to be hugged but instead received two sharp slaps on the face,“. You were supposed to be a Shaheed” she spat. :” You have dishonored your family. You are not my daughter:”  She turned her  back to the child.

Men moved towards the little girl, who tried to avoid their grasp. Even at the age of five she knew they would kill her. Her  efforts were to no avail., They had almost squirreled her away when a shrill voice cried out

“Noooo,” a woman threw off her veil revealing a hideously burned face,  “Pigs. Dogs., you. will not do this to my sister. Hands grabbed her pulling her  into the crowd but she continued to should in fury. The angry crowd began throwing rocks and   but were subdued by Israeli police and taken the men into custody along with the girls mother and the sister who immediately requested and were granted asylum.

A western journalist managed a brief conversation with the scarred woman and learned that she had been  cut and burned after she was raped and dishonored her husband.
The journalist barely audible spoke if human rights violations hidden from the west.

President Abbas denied any connection between Islam and the husband;’s actions assuring all that anybody doing such an act in Palestine was punished to the full extent of the law. “ This is an Israeli plot to deprive the Palestinian people of their land. “

The NY Times’ article on the event read. “Settlers kidnap little girl, provoking riots against the occupation in Nablus.”

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