Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why Israel should change its name to Palestine

 It was only after the United Nations recognized a Jewish state that the Ben Gurion used the name Israel . Perhaps, we should  change it back to Palestine,. Why? Here are twelve reasons:

1. As anybody in sales or marketing knows, if you have  a product that people don’t like, rename it.

2. International conflicts would become internal criminal proceedings; police would replace the United Nations.

3. Housing and property disputes would be resolved in civil courts. There would be no    more murders of Palestinians for selling land to Israelis  because everybody would be Palestinian.

4. The press, pundits, the United Nations, Obama,  Syria, Europe commentators to all news and human rights organizations  could move on to world problems that need handling line... world hunger?  ISIS, Ebola , murder of tens of thousands of people im Syria, collapsing world economy, world hunger.

5. Clarity of  who is in charge-  All 75  Jihadist parties could try to gain seats in parliament peacefully through the democratic process.

6. Freedom of  movements for all[except criminals].

7. Standard of living of  former Palestinians would increase dramatically.

8. No boycotting of Israel, as everything is made in Palestine.

9. Other Palestinian states in the neighborhood could decide they want to be part of  Greater Palestine.

10. Israeli economic skills, and weapons. weapons of mass destruction, combined with the ferocity of Palestinian non-negotiable demands and persuasive PR would make an impressive addition to international politics.

11.  All Palestinians would continue to be eligible for UNWRA benefits, of course, including  healthcare housing, food, until the end of time.

12. Until 1948,  Israel was called Palestine anyway, so it isn’t really anything new.

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