Wednesday, January 20, 2016

List to be entered

1. Psychological analysis as a weapon

2. The creates threat to Israel - the war between the Jews

3. Who really controls Israel?

4. The cost of winging it

5. Assumptions about Israel : Reality or Myth

6. The UN vote for partition, Miracle or agenda?

7. The Oslo perpetual war agreement

8. Campus fascism and the Jews

9. Hate crimes against Jews

10. Jewish charities.Where does all the money go?

11. The amazing versatility of anti-semitism

12. "I identify as Palestinian" The new campus meme

13. Are todays Universities worth saving

14.  Israel as a world power

15.  Why Islam today is incompatible with co-existence

16. Who is responsible? myth of the far left

17 Alternatives to  two state solution

18. What Israel can learn from Palestinian PR

19. The problem with Hasbara

20. Becoming Jewish: What pod we opened the floodgates

21. Islam behind the scenes

22. The myth if the far left

23. The advantage of Tyrants

24. Voluntary dhimis

25. Missed opportunities

26. Israel's income gap

27. A socialist medical ,model that works

28. Does Israel need the U.S.?

29. The Myth of the special relationship


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