Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Stop Kvetching and Do Something Already

Jews are in danger everywhere and. It's time to use our best weapon the Yiddishe mama play nice

Stop Kvetching and do  something already*

I know, You didn’t invite me but I have a responsibility as a mother and I only visit when you need me.. I've been hearing a lot of scared unhappy people. There are too many funerals  people are afraid in the streets and children have nightmares Now look at yourself in the mirror.  Take a good look, Do you see somebody who is giving up? If you don’t look again. You pretend there are no tunnels, that people aren’t getting killed and wounded all the time, that enemies aren’t gathering on all sides of your border. that there is no emergency, 

NO emergency?  Goyim are killing Jews, children, mothers, It’s getting worse. And what are you doing? Worrying because  goyim don’t like you. Figuring out ways to make them happy. Maybe they’re right , and  you aren’t nice enough, have no manners, are too stubborn  or look too Jewish, Maybe you should try to explain it again and this time they’ll understand.

Have you been doing the wrong for so  long. you forgot how to stand on your own too feet. I’m going to remind you  Yes me, your mother and DO NOT underestimate me or ever forget that I  come from a long line of Yiddishe [Jewish] mamas, whose skills at nudging  [ pestering], being yentas [ a particular form of gossiper that accumulates valuable information]and unearthing every last nano-drop of guilt from a subconscious has been refined into an art form and a lethal weapon over thousands of years.

Mess with my family, and I will pester you wherever you are, spread rumors about you, find your weaknesses and use them to drive you crazy. People don’t think of me that way. They see a nice  old woman harmless just as I want them to,  clueless, and depending on the situation  maybe dense, a little off, offended, wounded, irritating, sobbing, but. eventually, they  get the point. It’s much easier to give me what I want , than to suffer my eternal presence. 
Keep all of this in your thick head while you  look at this  picture of this Israeli President smiling at a goy  who insulted him and all of Israel.   Shimon is smiling. A ‘sherpa and a shandah’.[an embarrassment]  Fe! [disgusting]    Did I raise you to be a shmendrik ???? [hapless jerk]?  Who smiles at people that insult them?

Don’t you ever ever close your ears to  bad things about Israel,  You make me proud. Get out there first and tell the entire goyishe [nonjewish and no friend of Jews p not a member of the fold] world who you really are and how they should talk to you.  Keep doing this again and again whether or not it looks likes it working.  Listen to your mother: Nudging works and even shmendriks  [hapless jerks] like you can do it. So do it, or you’ll never taste  a bowl of my chicken soup with kreplach [Jewish wontons, a specialty and labor of love] again,

Did I teach you nothing about how to manipulate people? about how to make them see that life is so much better when they do things your way?   Those meshugenes [nutty, crazy} that blow themselves up for a few pretty girls and daven pray to some fakakta ]messed up] poor excuse for a god that tells them to cut peoples’ heads off are doing it better than you. Why aren’t you using what you know? That disgusting Abbas is doing a better job  may he fall into a deep dark hole and never com out ,, poo poo poo. [.[superstition Russian and Greek and Jewish where thios said three times accompanied by spitting on the floor to ward off evil eye]

You live in a dangerous neighborhood, If those chayes [animals] in your neighborhood even try to touch the hair on a Jewish child, you put them in jail. NO being nice. Nice is for other Jews or good goyim. Who told you you should be nice to Nazis? or Cossacks or anybody who want to kill you? Weak idiots do that. and you are going to stop acting like a weak idiot this second.

 [No more kvetching [complaining]  no more explaining.  These goyim don’t care and don’t listen  but they do smell weakness like a chaser (pig)  smells garbage. Go! Treat them like the garbage they are.  Don’t disappoint your poor weak mother, or all yiddishe mamas in this fashtunkene [bad smelling] world

 Stand up straight! You have nothing to be ashamed of. You  built  a country that  from nothing -  cities, companies, industries. People are jealous. I’m proud of you. Now go out there and get me some real Nachis. Show them what a yiddishe Jewish cup [head, brains, smarts] can do  Do back to them what they did to you a thousand times over. Don't wait for them to start. You do it first and make it hurt.  Do what I would do,  Make them feel guilty. Shame them, insult them, confuse them, surprise them, overwhelm them, without a break until  they are  irreversibly fablunget confused and afraid of you 

It’s hard?  Of course it’s hard. Was surviving for thousands of years easy? Was wandering from country to country  easy? Was getting our own country back easy? The whole world can do what's easy without our help. God put us on this earth to do the hard things, the impossible things, the things that everybody knows are impossible.  Cross the words can’t and impossible out of your thick head.
You built a country from nothing. This you can also do. and you will.


* This is the ashkenazic version as that is the one I know. but I am sure there is a sephardic version. Should anybody know what it might be please let me know

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