Monday, September 29, 2014

They Don't Like Us No Matter What We Do

Netanyahu spoke at the UN today.  It was a good speech. What he said and didn’t say, or could have said didn’t matter.  Abbas didn’t have to hear the speech to decide what he would say about it. The audience had already decided what their opinion was In any event.  The one speech solution to international ostracism is not a winning strategy.

The world didn’t care about the speech,  except in Israel, where criticism was passionate.  The speech wasn’t "hopeful" enough. It was  “tired, worn-out and frustrating” and proved that Netanyahu is not a leader. The "smart" thing to do would  have been to extend his hand in peace, by announcing a "daring diplomatic plan" (read give something and get nothing in return)  for peace to "show" the world how different he  is from Abbas.  Unforgivable. He missed an opportunity to call for  a regional peace conference.

These Israeli moderates belong in a shtetl. Abbas should have been nailed on one lie after another.  He lies in what he tells the west in contrast to what he says to Palestinians in their Arabic press. He supports suicide bombers by payments to their families, despite claims to the contrary.  He incites anti-semitism by promoting the "sesame street" kill the Jews show that airs for Palestinian children, complete with blood libel episodes performed by cute cuddly animals.  He refuses to allow a single Jew to live in his apartheid Palestine, while calling Israel an apartheid state.  He claims to be able to keep his people from trying to kill buses full of children, but he does not control them.  He gave pictures of supposed war crimes to the news during Protective Edge, but they have been shown to be taken from wars in other parts of the world, or staged, or photo-shopped.  Netanyahu should have raised his voice and been much less reasonable.  He should have showed pictures of dead Jews, the close to a thousand Israeli civilians murdered since 2005. He should have had the guts to stand there and call Abbas a liar.

The world has proven anti-semitism is real, by demonizing us and blaming us for everything bad that happens in the world.  They take the words of terrorists as truth, and have special permanent committees whose sole purpose is to torture us.  They dare to call us Nazis, and call the wall that protects us from suicide bombers an apartheid wall.  This should be a time when Jews support each other. We have enemies --  almost the entire world --- and we no longer have the luxury of self delusion. All parties, including just about every member of the Knesset are guilty. None are able to face reality and lead.  But the Labor party’s crimes are unforgivable. To blame Jews for the genocidal intentions of our enemies or to blame  the "bad Jew" Netanyahu for  not caving in  even more is  self serving, petty and pathetic.  These poor excuses for Israeli leaders are still  deluding themselves into believing it's OUR fault, or Netanyahu fault,. If we just do it right this time, compromise, be nicer,  goyim will love us.

The truth is frightening. Wallowing in guilt and blame is more pleasant than accepting this simple fact. No matter what we do they will hate us. We have been their symbol of everything evil for thousands of years. They say we were Christ killers, and the cause of the black plague. Our Rabbis, the Elders of Zion, supposedly controlled the world (many people think they still do). They say we are the Illuminati, and the bombers of the World Trade Center.  We supposedly control the US, the world financial system, the media, entertainment and politics, for our own nefarious purposes.

This is a tough pill to swallow.  Unless we want to commit suicide we have no choice. We don’t have  a solution but we do have a guarantee we’ll never find one if we continue to blame ourselves or other Jews or bury our heads in the sand. We didn’t fight for Israel in order to lose it this way. For God’s sake WAKE UP!

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