Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dangerous Help from World Powers

Free Advice to world Powers

As you prepare to fight the ISIS menace, gather coalitions of Muslim nations, donate weapons, call a temporary truce with your enemies, here are some tips about what NOT to do to save yourself and the planet from destruction.

Tip#1 Don’t arm allies in unstable non-democracies

Guns,  missiles and atom bombs, have no IDs or passwords, We are suffering the consequences of this strategy all over the middle east. Iran has an atom bomb today because  the US helped Persia a former ally of the US get it. ISIS has arms from Iraq because the US left them there along with an unstable weak government,  ISIS has arms in Syria because the US gave arms to anyone fighting Assad.  As for $IB dollars the US gave Morsi of the Muslim brotherhood, or the weapons Stevens of Benghazi was passing on to who knows who, we don’t knot their exact location but it’s safe to assume that they are somewhere in the middle east and not where we want them to be.

Tip #2: Beware the distinction between moderates and extremists

Distinctions between moderates and extremists are used to justify arming alleged “freedom fighters” are not benign. They exist in the minds the west, to justify alliances. They may mimic the speeches of these groups but rarely their actions

Danger #3: Don’t create vacuums

Because fascist governments are bad, westerners tend to believe that arming freedom fighters is always good. Next time you find a fascist regime in a part of the world that has been  ruled that way for centuries, consider not getting involved. Fanning the flames of a conflict for to control governments will backfire big time. Topple a facist in a country with  no experience in  democracy and you will probably get fascist dictators that are even worse

The U.S, is getting ready to make these mistakes again  by giving arms to any group that will fight ISIS.  Even if they succeed watch morph into ISIS2.0.

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