Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Does the World Need the United Nations?


The United Nations is the greatest insult to most basic human rights.  Its existence is not benign. Had it existed in the 1930’s,  , would the UN have stopped Hitler’s genocidal plan?  If it were like the UN of today it would have supported Germany’s seemingly hostile actions -- a justified response to what the Allies did to Germany in WWI.  Hitler’s goal -- a healthy, proud, economically productive Germany  would be praised, goals of extermination of the entire world’s non-aryan population would have been dismissed, and his claim to the Sudetenland validated as Germans were clearly  the indigenous people. Solve that root problem and there would be peace.

Intense UN pressure and threats of BDS would have forced the US to surrender immediately after dropping the bomb on Hiroshima -- a flagrant violation of human rights and a disproportionate response to the  Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Germany and Japan could have won the war.

This imaginary scenario is now being played out by ISIS and other affiliated jihadist groups like Hamas. In a rational world, jihadists would have a more difficult time pulling off a worldwide genocidal agenda. Unlike Hitler, who had no history, centuries of Islamic history document the brutal murders of people refusing conversion.  Stoning, decapitation, cutting off limbs, and burning and burying people alive in the name of Allah are not only permitted, they are mandated.

Until recently murders in the name of Islam averaged about 1200 a week. ISIS is changing this.  Forty to seventy thousand Iraqi Yazidis are trapped on Mount Sinjar in Iraq without water or food. 70% may already be dead. ISIS captured the Mosul dam threatening lives of 500,000 people in Baghdad. The 300,000 Christians of Iraq are gone -- murdered, died trying to escape, refugees -- nobody knows.  In every town ISIS captures non-muslims are slaughtered.

Their plan to turn the world into a seventh century caliphate is not some twisted religious fantasy. ISIS has a well thought out campaign with long term goals, short term objectives, clear military tactics, efficient organization that easily accommodates large numbers of new members and recruiting methods that leverage today’s most advanced technologies.  If not stopped, in the next five years ISIS plans to conquer the Middle East, parts of Europe, North Africa and India. They are ahead of schedule.  People currently living in these areas will be given a choice: convert to Islam or die.

When this gets to your neighborhood, will you choose Islam or death? If you choose death it will be neither quick nor humane. Imagine your and your neighbors, hands roped together on the ground as a black masked jihadist shoots you and dumps you into a mass grave, possibly still alive and bleeding to death or suffocating.  Imagine your family on a mountain surrounded by the jihad army. Like Yazidi,  you watch your children die of thirst before you succumb. Imagine slow death as stones are hurled or watching your neighbor’s head sawed off knowing you are next, knowing your own sons are being  brainwashed and will fight for the cause until everyone on Earth worships Allah. The perfect world survivors live in will be a paradise free of disgusting western vices like video games.

ISIS activism in the west is increasing rapidly. This week saw  a  pro-ISIS demonstration in the center of London, ISIS demonstrators calling for death to the Jews at the Hague,  and over a hundred German ISIS demonstrators attacking Yazidis who protested the slaughter of their people.  Brazen displays of brutality -- an Australian child holding the severed head of a Syrian soldier -- should send chills up your spine.

The UN was founded to protect humanity from genocide before it becomes a threat to all mankind.  Where are they?  What could possibly be more important than terrorists with a  highly functional army of dedicated soldiers, spreading rivers of blood in their path as they take over banks and weapons, who recognize no borders other than those of their future world caliphate, whose jihadfest grows every day, who are absorbing and consolidating all of the Sunni terrorist organizations?

Israel, of course. The cruel, genocidal Nazi Jewish imperialist colonialists who control the world ruthlessly, killed 1800 “innocent” people in Gaza. Pictures of dead babies, brokenhearted parents, rubble where houses once stood cry out for justice. Never mind those stories about rockets and tunnels and Israel’s right to exist. The real cause of all this carnage is Israel’s occupation, their obstinate refusal to give Palestinians their rightful homeland.

Could the whole world be wrong?  These people, who are squeezed into a tiny piece of land smaller than the state of New Jersey, are the really dangerous ones. Hitler didn’t finish the job.  The UN will do it for him. 

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