Thursday, March 27, 2014

When they say NO JEWS ALLOWED maybe they mean it!


 Michael Welner, a member of the White House Press Corps was denied entry into Saudi Arabia. The only Reporter denied entry, Welner is Jewish but not Israeli and has never been in Israel. The event should not have been a surprise has Saudi Arabian Law specifically states that  visas will not be issued to four groups which include Israelis and also Jews. Until a short time ago these restrictions were even posted on the Saudi Arabian website.  It would be for the state department not to know about this.

   Saudi Arabia, you may recall was recently invited to be a member of the security council. By refusing entry to a Jewish reporter with a law publicly specifying this discrimination, the country is in violation of United Nations human rights regulations. The White house expressed 'disappointment' but concurred with the action by having having the meeting in Saudi Arabia when it could have been held someone else.

    When Abbas adamantly says that he will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state and at the same time uncompromisingly demands that Palestinian land be 'Judenrein' (as in the case of Gaza), maybe he means it as more than a word game. When as American President, for the first time, decides that Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state is not necessary demanding that Israel give in on this issue when all Muslim states are not open to compromise, one would think people would become puzzled and perhaps consider the possibility that this is not a word game but a statement by a Abbas that he will never stop trying to exterminate Israel. If for one milisecond you put yourselves in Israel's shoes as the entire Arab league gathers to affirm this refusal to recognize your right to exist should scare the living daylights out of you.

    Yet nobody in the rest of the world seems at all disturbed about this, or by the fact that five, yes five. resolutions against Israel are scheduled for a vote tomorrow, while human rights abuses continue in Saudi Arabia and numerous other Muslim countries, when Syria is deliberately starving Palestinians to death, when Egypt is hanging hundreds of people, when Russia just annexed Crimea, China took a bunch of Islands from Japan. If the world believes that Israel's actions are the most important evil in the world to address, that is the best argument for the necessity of a Jewish state that exists.


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