Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why is Israel's foreign policy so lousy

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Outline only

Psycho-social characteristics of Jews and Israelis

What two thousand years of statelessness did to our psyche - the good and the bad

Isolation: Mutual aid  and negative stereotypes - Jews are clannish
Inability to see the world as outsiders do
 Blaming ourselves - The Stockholm syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder,
battered child syndrome, and blaming other groups of Jews
Lack of control - Denial, misunderstanding power dynamics, sponsor mentality
destructive control mechanisms
Victimization - The inevitability of anti-semitism, justification through superior
We are persecuted because we are superior

Higher standards for Jews: Compensating by developing superior skills.
Demanding higher standards of ourselves, Justice as moral.
 Ideas - a major success, donating ideas to others. Respect for ideas. Disrespect
for the ideas and principles of others
The importance of ideas and learning as an end - Haredim, the arts and sciences
Justice as positive and Jewish
Indirect Power
The assumption that direct power is not possible
In pursuit of indirect power - court Jews, responsive vs, assertive
the need for a sponsor, reacting,

Impact today

Cohesion - aid to soldiers, berieved families, lone soldiers. Unity of Jews worldwide at critical times

World perceptions- how we misread and act on wrong assumptions

Blaming ourselves  - Belief in control by appeasment, capitulation and pleasing others

Power: Letting our enemies define the playing field - Hamas in protective edge, Missed opportunities to take the lead, press, calling the shots, explaining after the fact, International court- for Palestinians only?. Missed opportunities- when treaties and agreements are broken, Jewish refugees, the case against UNRWA, copying strategies that work, our image

Misreading the motives of others: the US cares about us and has our back

The vicious cycle of approval seeking: How we teach our enemies to bully us - Rewards for  violence; No punishments for breakin agreements, unfair expectations and double standards

It's their fault- Jewish Pariahs responsible for our fate: The left, settlers, orthodox Jews, American Jews, obnoxious Israelis

Sponsors needed - The dysfunctional love affair with the United States
The compulsive need to please to the point of destruction.  The common interests delusion -- A mantra to us, lip service    to them. Missing the price: fighting the same war again and again and again, free-giveaways to the US - the drone in Iraq, Iran nuclear weapons, peace talks..

The Delusion that setting higher standards woirks  - purity of arms, warnings. cease fires, humanitarian aid and results

Rejection of violence - national reaction to the murder of one Muslim, The war against tunnels and missiles - and everything but terrorists

Denial - tunnels, the south, the futility of compromise, historical amnesia

Assumptions about how others react
The delusion of rationality and incessant explainingm respect for good deeds and it's impact- Mashall complains about knocks on the door.

How we weakened ourselves in protective edge - electricity, purity of arms, innocent civilians and human shields, Hamas: we also target soldiers

Coming- Solutions


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